Everything You Need To Know About Optometry School Admission

Featuring The Director of Admission at University of Houston College of Optometry

Score Over 90th Percentile On Your OAT

Score over 90th Percentile on the science portion of your OAT. I explained how I studied, my timeline, useful resources, and answered all your questions!

Q&A: Testing Anxiety, Optometry School Schedule, COVID, 10-Year Plan, and more!

Answering all your questions from Instagram! This is by far my favorite video to film. It's super fun and informative!

Debunking Negative Stereotypes of Gap Year

Nadine talks about her experience during her gap year and we give advice on how you can improve your application in your gap year.

My Optometry School Interview Experience

How To Approach Different Questions In Your Interview Day

OAT Resources that are FREE and Affordable

OAT Resources that You pay for

Kaplan course, OAT Destroyer, and Prometric Reviews

My Undergraduate Experience

One of the most common questions I get asked is "what did you do in your undergraduate years". Here ya go!